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I had a question from a member yesterday about a printing issue, I thought I would place the answer here for all to see.


I have a question for you. I am buying some furniture for my office and trying to configure all my equipment so it is convenient to use. I have an Epson R1800 firewire printer. I would like to put it on the opposite side of the room from my computer and desk. Right now it is connected to my computer (Mac Pro) with a firewire cable.

1. I don’t think I can run that wirelessly, right? And if I could, would it work as well as if it was connected?

2. If I can’t, (which I don’t think I can) can I connect it to my G5 and use printer sharing. Will that work as well as if it was connected to my Mac Pro.

My reply

Even though you are using your firewire cable, it is the slowest cable to be using. The USB 2.0 is slightly faster… though none of this will matter too much with my suggestion.

I would purchase a print server which is a small box you plug your usb cable into, it converts your cable connection from the printer into a wireless or ethernet connection which makes your printer a network printer. Nice!

Choose the wireless option, then at least you can print wirelessly without running cables across your nice new set up. In fact take a peak at your router if its wireless as it may have a usb port in the back, you can use this.

If you do not have a wireless router, I would get a wireless N gigabit Ethernet router to at least speed up the wired connections 10 fold on the wired networks but even though it is a wireess N, the print server is probably a 10/100 speed transfer rate. (unless you can find a wireless N print server out there)

So that would be my fix for the situation and not paying much at all for the solution.

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